The Basic Safety Training held by is the legal minimum requirement for anyone who is seeking basic knowledge in safety at a workplace.



  Date: TIME: PRICE:  
Brno   1pm – 4pm 3.200.-  CZK/person Order form...



The Basic Safety Training course includes:

  • Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention 
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility 
  • Operation of gas appliances, electric appliances, pressure vessels, forklifts etc.
  • Safety procedures including alarms and signals
  • Ordinances and laws related to safety at a workplace



  • 3 hrs – basic
  • It might vary - the training  can be tailored to the needs of the employer



  • The training is completed by the examination and certification.



  • Preparation of the OSH documentation to suit the needs of your organisation..
  • Preparation of documentation on the fire prevention
  • Initial and periodic training for managers and other employees in the area of Basic Safety.



  • 1.200 CZK/person








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