What documents do I need in order to obtain electrical safety certificate?

08/05/2024 11:32

It depends on the paragraph (scope of work) you are allowed to do according to the government decree 194/2022 Coll.

Basic is a doctor's check up - written protocol allowing to work in an electrical environment..

Paragraph 4 only doesn't need more documents beside the doctor's protocol and your photo I.D.

Paragraphs 6,7 need, in addition, a copy of your translated electrical university diploma recognized (called nostrification)  by the Czech authorities (usually Technical university) together with a proof of your experience in given field.

!!! In order to sign up for the course, every individual needs to provide their current or potential future employer which will provide us with the scope and type of work assigned to them. Government decree 194/2022 Coll. does not allow freelancers from abroad to work independently without a supervising company or individual !!!